Summer Term 2

Roald Dahl Event

Golf Competition

PE- Sports day practise

Summer Term 1

This half term Year three have been learning all about the Anglo Saxons.
They have enjoyed learning about why the Anglo-Saxons invaded and settled in Britain, what it would have been like to grow up in an Anglo-Saxon village and about their art and culture.
They found out about the mysterious Sutton Hoo burial, made brooches, helmets and Anglo-Saxon houses.

They have been continuing work on fractions, multiplication and division in Maths.
In Science we have been investigating light, reflections and shadows.

The children have enjoyed Tennis, Rugby skills, Benchball and multi-skills in PE.

In RE the children have been finding out about how Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims.

The children did exceptionally well in their sponsored spell this half term and we look forward to surprising the children with some treats and a special Roald Dahl event next half term, thanks to the money they raised.

We hope everyone has a restful half term and we look forward to seeing the children soon.


Spring Term 2

Although all of the children have only been back for 3 weeks, we have had a busy second part to our term.

They have all done remarkably well settling back into school routines and getting stuck into their school work.
We have had a lot of positive feedback from the children, saying they have particularly enjoyed our topic on Pompeii, Italy and learning facts about volcanoes to develop their understanding about Mount Vesuvius.

They have looked at the human and physical Geography of Italy and we read the story ‘Escape from Pompeii’ by Christina Balit.
The children wrote their own story imagining they had to escape Pompeii.





They then recreated scenes from the book as freeze frames scenes from Pompeii when Mt. Vesuvius errupted in 79AD.

This week the children made models of Mount Vesuvius and carried out a science experiment to recreate the pyroclastic flow of lava.
Their reactions say it all when we finally got to recreate the explosion!

Here is some feedback from the children about their topic:

  • “I found learning about volcanoes interesting.”
  • “I found it interesting learning about how the people of Pompeii weren’t sure of the danger of the ‘gentle mountain’ actually being a dangerous volcano.”
  • “I liked learning about the history and geography of a different country, not just our own country.”
  • “I found it fascinating watching the video on the day Pompeii was destroyed. It gave me good ideas for my writing.”
  • “I felt happy learning about something new, but sad because of what happened in Pompeii.”

The children had a chance to make Mother’s Day and Easter cards, which tied in nicely with some mindfulness activities they have been doing daily.

It has been nice to get the children’s feedback about mindfulness activities.

  • “I really enjoy mindfulness activities because it gets me ready for the day.”
  • “They help me feel calm and ready for what’s coming next, like a lesson or home time.”

In maths they have been working on multiplication, division and time.
The children have been thinking about how to solve word problems too.
They have also been enjoying playing tennis in PE.

Music this half term has been lots of fun!


We hope everyone has a lovely Easter and look forward to seeing the children in the Summer term.

Spring Term 1

This half term the children in key worker school have been doing some fantastic learning about our topic on healthy eating and the body. They have been learning what needs to be included in a healthy balanced diet and have designed and made nutritious sandwiches.
They have also looked at and compared different animal skeletons.
The children at home have also been working extremely hard and have shown us some fantastic learning on this topic.

In Maths we have been learning about angles and lines.
Here the children have been finding right angles and measuring the perimeter of the playground.
They have also been using geoboards to explore 2D shapes and regular/ irregular polygons.

In Geography we have been learning about the continents and oceans, European countries and capital cities.

In RE the children were having a go at creating freeze frames to go with the religious story ‘Jesus calms the storm’.

Other topics covered this half term have been branching databases in Computing, Music, French, PSHE, some sketching of fruits in Art and they have completed a daily PE challenge too!

Autumn Term 2

Year 3 have been lucky enough to have Luke come in and teach us golf.
We have had lots of fun in the build up to Christmas this half term, making Christmas cards, watching a pantomime (the link is in the newsletter so you can watch at home too) and having a very special visit from some of Santa’s reindeers!
Have a lovely Christmas, we look forward to seeing you in January!

Autumn Term 1

Year 3 have had a wonderful first half term back at school.

They have all thoroughly enjoyed our topic and history work this part of term on the Stone Age, leading up to the start of the Iron Age Celts.

They have all created some excellent pieces of artwork that they have felt very proud of and excited to share with you at home.

Some examples shown here are of the children making their Stone Age necklaces and Celtic torcs.

We have also shared some pictures of our classroom displays, showing their Stone Age cave drawings.

The children have also been busy with other areas of the curriculum.
They have been very excited to learn guitars.

When the weather hasn’t been too bad, we have been outside playing benchball for our PE lessons or inside doing yoga.

Our Science curriculum has been all about plants.
We have completed a few experiments, by exploring the requirements of plants for life and growth and we have investigated the way in which water transported within plants.

We hope you all have a wonderful half term and we look forward to seeing you back soon.

Working from Home

Dove – working from home

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Skittles experiment

In school we had lots of fun experimenting with the skittles to see what would happen.
The children had made some superb predictions and the result turned out great!
We were all very fascinated to see the beautiful rainbow of colours.
We also had enough skittles to see what might happen if we made some changes.
The children wanted to see what would happen if we left a gap between the skittles and if we added cold water rather than warm; the skittles still made a nice rainbow of colours but took a little longer.

Roald Dahl topic work for summer term 2 – Swift Class and key workers children in school

Thank you all for sharing some wonderful topic work! It has been wonderful to see all of your hard work and to hear how so many of you have enjoyed this topic. You have shared some fantastic pictures of the many activities you have been up to, and here are some we would like to share.

  • Quentin Blake style sketches
  • The Trunchbull’s chocolate cake!
  • Handwriting practise using a poem from George’s Marvellous Medicines
  • The MinPins – Sketches of the Gruncher
  • The MinPins – Letter from Little Billy to Don Mini and the MinPins
  • Sweet inventions
  • Skittles experiment
  • George’s Marvellous Medicine Smoothies


PE with Joe Wicks

Congratulations for doing PE with Joe in the mornings and for achieving an incredible 62 of the 65 days of workouts!


Home learning on the Anglo Saxons from Swift Class

  • Describing the Great Hall
  • Describing Anglo Saxon artefacts
  • The Sutton Hoo discovery
  • Art work – Illuminating letters and drawing an Anglo Saxon
  • DT – Making their own Anglo Saxon model boat or house
  • Facts about the Anglo Saxons


Home learning from Swift Class

  • Maths – weighing ingredients to bake & fractions
  • RE – Ramadan
  • Surprise poems
  • French practise
  • Science – Experimenting shadows